Saturday, March 20, 2004

KTWV05 - Issue 1: Welcome Stephanians to my Kooler Talk Blog

7 year Itch

Welcome Stephanians to the Kooler Talk Blog, which is the nearest one can get to the original concept of the nightly meetings of gup-shup around the Blacksmith, from which Kooler Talk was born in 1961-62.

It is over 7 years since I first put up Kooler Talk Web Version on the internet. Many thousands of you have kept the steady flow of emails to me which has helped me create some degree of nostalgia.

Now it is time to do something new as others are putting "other" versions of Kooler Talk on the web.

So I have moved over to Blogging.

I will keep my flow of nosatalgic reminisences flowing from my never-ending tap of informants in all six continents so as to keep you all "cringing" for the next episode, just like in "Bold and Beautiful" :-).

The inputs from you can either continue as emails, direct to me from the blog, or as appropriate Comments in the blog, so that others can see what you have to share with them.

Happy Blogging Stephanians.