Wednesday, September 07, 2005

KTWV06 - Issue 12: Letter from Dan O'Connor

A nice letter from Dan - I hope all of you will respond by turning up at the event.

From: Daniel O'Connor
To: Jacob Matthan
Date: 07-Sep-2005 10:02
Subject: ssc

Dear Jacob

I'm not sure how uptodate you keep your website - I look at it now and again, but am not entirely clear when I'm reading the latest or something earlier.

I taught and was chaplain 1963-72, so I often recognise names of people I remember.

I've just written a memoir of our time at the college,

"Interesting Times in India: a short decade at St Stephen's College"

which Penguin India (c/o Thomas Abraham, whom some of you will remember) have published.

You can get it through the various Indian web bookstores, and we're hoping to give it (plus a book I've done on an earlier about a well known Stephanian, C.F.Andrews and his time at the college - title

"A Clear Star: C.F.Andrews and India 1904-14"

which DC Publishers (Alokeroy Chowdhury, whom some of you will remember) will launch at the Nehru Centre in London on the evening of 24 Nov 05.

I hope any Stephanians in London at that time will turn up - it would be very good to meet again.

Best wishes.

Dan O'Connor
Daniel O'Connor
15 School Road
ST ANDREWS, Fife, KY16 0BA, U.K.
tel. 01334 - 871326