Saturday, January 14, 2012

KTWV 13 Issue 01: I hate repeating myself

In January 2010, I had a blog entry which asked the question whether the reason why our college was in the news was for the correct reasons. At that time it was the bitter legal battle between the Chairman of the Council and the Principal.

Today, when I got my daily review of the news from India, two articles stood out - one from The Hindu snd the other from The Pioneer, and they reported on the demonstration by the staff of our alma mater against the autocracy of the Principal of the College.

What has been the common factor every time news has been splashed in the headlines of the Indian media has been the actions of the Principal, right from his initial appointment to his removal, his re-appointment and several times in-between on his minorities reservation policy, the rush to act independently in the Mani Shankar Aiyar issue and now in the legal battle with Dr. M. S. Frank, the Vice Principal, not to the mention the totally unnecessary spat with the portions of the alumni.

Common fsctor appears to be the Principal.

In Finland, the cause would be identified and removed!

Let us begin the New Year with a resolution that the cause for any unsavoury news about our alma mater in the media will be laid at the doorstep of the Principal. He has to be held responsible for it. After all, he is the "Head" of the Institution. If the name of the College is being tarnished, then it shows his incompetence. He must pay the price with his job being on the line.

Any takers?