Sunday, August 28, 2005

KTWV06 - Issue 11: Completed the article for "The Stephanian"

Several weeks ago, a new correspondent, Yakub P. Mathew, a Stephanian Malayali, also with the name Jacob, but much junior to me, who did his BA (Hons) Economics during 1982-1985 and then his MA (Eco), and who is at present a banker with HSBC, New York, alerted me to the fact that "The Stephanian" was bringing out an issue, and maybe I should contribute a piece, the deadline being end July.

As summer was here, the deadline passed, and I had not done anything about it.

So I wrote to the editors at the beginning of August asking whether they were still interested.

There was a prompt answer - Yes, and could I get it to them by the end of August.

I completed the piece called "Kooler Talk - A revolution in the making" and was able to send yesterday it with a couple of quite topical scans before the new deadline.

Hope you will enjoy it when it comes out!!

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Gop Rao said...


Here are a couple more that take the double to the rarer triple;

Bombay Scottish 88er, Cathedralite 90er, Stephanian (Eco Hons) 93er Gopkiran Rao

Bombay Scottish 88er, Cathedralite 90er, Stephanian (History Hons) 93er Ranjeev Bhatia