Tuesday, December 13, 2005

KTWV 06 Issue 21: An Apology (?) 10 years on????

Those of you who read the Comment attached to the last post on my Kooler Talk blog would have seen a post from Shujoy Dutta where he apologised to me for what he had sent me by email about 10 years ago?


Second, his original email which I posted on the Kooler Talk Web Version site made me work even harder to make the web site and then the blog more inclusive. He thinks he came over as angry. I never thought so. I thought he came over as an individualistic Stephanian - for which I thank the good Lord. Without people like Shujoy, our world would be just plain old boring.

For that I need to thank Shujoy.

Sadly, once again, he has not given me his email address.

I am unable to send him a personal email of thanks. No sarcasm intended.

Also, although he has made it big in the advertising business as the Creative Group Head - copy, in the well known ad agency, Bates India, the web site of the company seems to have vanished from the internet due to a glitch. Bates India is reputed to have done a great ad for Indian Airlines and they have several great clients including part of the account of the Finnish multinational giant - Nokia. (Don't forget to check out the blog entry on my main blog about Nokia and contracts - so that you do not get your fingers and toes burned.)

Truthfully, though, Shujoy's comment has been the ONLY negative comment that I ever received.

I was not hurt as I firmly believe that every person is entitled to one's own views.

My nostalgia for the college, as also my old school for which I also run the international nostalgia site, has been shared by so many of you, as is seen from the vast amount of correspondence and the many copycat sites that have appeared online.

But, there is only one Jacob Matthan, there has been only ONE original Kooler Talk Web Version, and there is only ONE Kooler Talk Blog!

As money has never been a motive for this Kooler Talk Web Version and the Blog, no one can ever accuse me of doing this for any other reason than I believe in what I am doing.

Thanks Shujoy, you helped me 10 years on and you have helped me once again with your recent comment. Please send me your postal mailing address so I can send you a table top calendar of my wife's "Edible Art"!

All that said, I thought that you should read about the work of the team with which Shujoy is associated as it appeared in an online article Indian Airlines, with a bouquet full of warmth

Sumita Vaid Dixit


NEW DELHI, August 16 2005

Let your heart fly' is the message both the ads conclude with.

The idea of associating warmth, friendliness and care with the brand Indian Airlines, came from the brief. "The agency was asked to work out a campaign that would compel people - especially the non IA-flyers to revise their opinion about IA and see it in a positive light. Since perception is a matter of mind and emotions, TV was chosen as the medium of communication. The agency was briefed to deliver a campaign, which is visually pleasing, arresting and one that creates an emotional connect with the viewers," says Manjira Khurana, head, marketing, Indian Airlines.

To that adds, Radharani Mitra, executive creative director, Bates India, "Indian Airlines is all about the heart! What we can say positively as a differentiator is that people feel comfortable being themselves on board IA. Our service doesn't smell pretentious."

That required the agency to replace the 'rational service prism' with an 'emotional filter'. "Today's flyer is too involved in rational brand comparisons but also seeks to bond with a brand emotionally. So far, perhaps she has viewed IA through 'a rational service prism'. We needed to provide her with 'an emotional filter' that'll make her connect with IA at the heart level," explains Mitra.

The need to connect with the consumers was driven by the basic marketing concern - Indian Airlines' poor brand perception. "We have been rated as the most trusted airline in the country as per the latest Brand Equity-ORG Marg survey. Research shows that all our rational product benefits are very well recognized but the brand valuation is not commensurate with this. Therefore, the brand perception had to be improved," informs Khurana. "While the brand's rationale block is solid," Mitra adds, "our task was to envelope it with emotions or intangibles to achieve image leadership."

The ad does send a message of warmth and care, and with the festival season round the corner, it could well translate into packed flights for Indian Airlines.


Creative team : Radharani Mitra, executive creative director, Shujoy Dutta, creative group head- copy; Ashish Rehi, art supervisor, Abhinay Deo, director, Ram Sampath, composer.

Do I have to be a little tongue in cheek? :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words Jacob. I’m glad that my comments angry or otherwise, have fuelled you to keep Kooler Talk alive and inclusive. Of what I hear, the print version is dying, being too proper and having the Principal as Staff Advisor. Which seems to defeat the purpose of its existence really.
I also notice from the article you’ve included, that you’re quite google-friendly. As for my career in advertising, I left Bates India earlier this year to join Publicis India. And I don’t think Bates India ever had a website, so it hasn’t really gone off the radar.

You can contact me at shujoy.dutta@delhi.publicisindia.com and I welcome any mail from you at Shujoy Dutta, C-3/9 Safdarjung Development Area, New Delhi 110016, India.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.

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