Saturday, July 08, 2006

KTWV 07 Issue 15: Coincidence?

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Is it just a coincidence or was it some fate.

I was informed by the 1954 Green House Captain of the Bombay Cathedral and John Connoon Girl's High School, Zarrin Aga (née Lam), that Rahul Bajaj, who has just been elected to the Rajya Sabha, who was a Cathedralite and a Stephanian, was also the School Savage House Captain in the year 1954.

The 1956 Savage House Captain was also a Cathedralite and Stephanian.

The 1958 Savage House Captain, Dr. Peter Philip (known to most Stephanians as Tubby) was also a Cathedralite and Stephanian.

The 1959 Savage House Captain, myself, also studied in both these instiitutions.

Maybe someone from the school can refresh my memory as to who was Savage House Captain in 1955 and 1957.

Although I am sure they were not Stephanians, this coincidence of the 50's was to me quite astonishing!

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