Monday, September 04, 2006

KTWV 07 Issue 19: A Book Review...

(Cross-posted on the Seventh Heaven Blog.)

Many thanks to Cathedralite 49er Naval Patel in Mysore for sending me a scan from Bookwatch - which is a short review of Cathedralite 57er / Stephanian 61er Ashok (Tony) Jaitly's book about our alma mater which I have covered in an earlier blog entry.

Naval identified Tony because he had read about him on this blog. This would be natural as Naval was 8 years senior to Tony. However, it is likely Naval knew of Tony's elder brother, Ravi, who was also a great sportsman, like Tony.

But more in tune with Naval's interest - CRICKET, I did tell him that Tony's sister, School Captain of 1960, Jotysna, married my classmate Siddarth Singh, who was from Doon School and an outstanding fast bowler.

However, Siddarth, although greatly admired by both Prem Bhatia and Inderjeet Singhji (both Stephanian and Indian cricketers), chose to join the Indian Foreign Service and ended his career as the Indian Ambassador in Japan (I think - as it was from there that I had a very interesting phone call from Tony's son when he came across my Cathedral and Stephanian websites which preceded these blogs!).

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