Monday, November 27, 2006

KTWV 07 Issue 24: Is this Oath worth a dime?

I was a little surprised when i read this article After brawl, Stephanians off booze.

....,Stephanians have taken an oath in the college cabinet that henceforth they will abstain from imbibing liquor at parties. The students ' union members have decided that they will proactively abstain from such "drinking" parties.

Anything in moderation cannot be faulted. Anything is excess is obviously to be frowned on. Anything that is related to anti-social behaviour cannot be accpted.

Hence, the Oath itself is a violation of the above principles.

But Stephanians cannot and should not act in any anti-social manner.

I hope a report of this incident is prominently placed in the front verandah at college so as to be a beacon to others of what could ensue should they ever be anti-social in public, even when not identified as being Stephanians!

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