Thursday, May 31, 2007

KTWV 08 Issue 22: Review of John Dayal's book

John Dayal has been untiring in his effort to fight for the rights of all Christians in India. I read his postings on this issue which reach me here in Finland almost daily.

Being far removed from India presently, John certainly covers the urgency with which this subject should be treated.

This morning, a link arrived in my email which was a wonderful review of John's new book Christians: A Faith Under Assault In Secular India by Vidya Bhushan Rawat dated 30 May, 2007

Two sentences in particular got my attention:

The bitterest critique of Christendom comes from those who were educated at these prestigious institutions. They will not targets prestigious institutions in Delhi, Mumbai or elsewhere because most of their family members come out from these colleges.

Just ask Arun Shourie where he studied.

He was my hockey captain in St. Stephen's College in 1961-62!

Arun was a great journalist, worthy of the Magasay award that he received, till hatred and the need to get power to get back at his "enemies" entered his heart. From then onwards his journalistic talent went down the toilet and his hypocrisy has adorned his shoulders!

I am particularly taken with Padma's comment that appeared in relation to an earlier post, and like John, I give kudos to this wonderful young lady.

Although John is much junior to me, I watch his tireless work with awe and admiration.

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