Tuesday, April 01, 2008

KTWV 09 Issue 09: Now comes Irresponsibility

My last blog entry was labelled as "Incompetence and stupidity".

The latest moves by the Supreme Council borders on Irresponsibility.

Not everything under the sun can be reached by claiming to be a minority.

Christians are part and parcel of being Indian. The using of the label of minority in every instance makes it even more difficult for many to enter mainstream life.

In the latest news item which reached me today Principal row dogs Stephen’s again we have this quote from a college representative:

“We are a minority institution and have specific rights under the Indian Constitution because of that. We will try and reopen channels of communication with DU. But our position will not change,” a college representative said.

"We will try and reopen channels of communication with DU." borders on anarchy!

Does violating te law of the land fall within the remit of powers of a minority institution? Holding up selective parts of the Indian Constitution cannot be used to violate the law.

Either our alma mater is part of the University of Delhi or outside of it. It cannot straddle the fence neither being in it or outside it.

If it is the intention of the Supreme Council to quit the University, then let it say so. Then one will know what one can do to this body of individuals whom we have seen have acted corruptly.

I hope that this sort of intransigence will end and the wisdom of Christ will prevail!


socl said...

Dear Sir,
We would be quite grateful if we could get your comments on the crisis at College.
We are a group of individuals, all members of the banned outfit, woodehouse society, running a blog called simbly on college life.
We want people like you, stephanians, to come out and speak out against or for the administrative mess in college.
We hope you'd spread the word and comment on our posts.


Anonymous said...

With the College admitting only about 1000 students a year while the IITs have to admit 5000 students the brand value has gone up.Hence the responsibility has increased on the management to maintain and uphold the integrity of the institution