Saturday, May 16, 2009

KTWV 10 Issue 10: I was certainly wrong

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I now realise how divorced I am from Indian Politics and especially the mentality of the Indian people.

This was just in:

Only a few results have been confirmed so far - they included a win for former UN diplomat Shashi Tharoor for Congress in Kerala's capital, Trivandrum.

In the old days, an outsider would never have got in this easily as Shashi did. I remember how K. T. Chandy, who had been Chairman of Hindustan Lever, tried and failed to get into Kerala Politics in the Seventies. He was called a "foreigner" by the Keralites!!

I do hope this change also ushers in a new form of Government, especially in Kerala, where the school final failed party members have dominated the Government.

Also the antiques who have dominated Kerala Politics for a couple of decades should now call it a day.


Pradeep said...

Kerala society is replete with a whole lot of paradoxes, much more that any other state in India. Besides, don't under estimate the "antiques", they are still the role-models.

Let's wish Sashi an active career ahead, true to his professed "credo".

Jacob Matthan said...

Certainly do wish Shashi a dignified future in the Parliament.

However, anyone who overstayed will certainly not be a role model for me.

The purpose of overstaying is because power has corrupted!