Saturday, December 26, 2009

KTWV 10 Issue 27: Criminal police investigates

I recently got a spam message from one Kapil Jain addressed to the

Today I got an email from one Shiv Nair, also through the same group, that the spam mail from Kapil Jain was being investigated by the Criminal Police a cyber crime and fraud.

I did actually click on the link sent by Kapil Jain as he mentioned having bought an Apple Mac at a low price. The site he sent me to appeared to be selling unlocked Apple iPhones as well as Apple Mac laptops at ridiculously low prices.

I knew from that that the site was either hawking stolen stuff or it was probably a scam, so I left the site.

It came as a surprise to read about the action started against the individual.

This information is being given to the appropriate legal authorities dealing with cyber crime and fraud. Once criminal action is commenced against you, the person to whom you sent the email reserves the right to use whatever information that may emerge from the said criminal investigations to take both criminal and civil action against you for damages both punitive and putative and any and all other forms of legal and financial redress for the attempt you have made to cheat him or initiate actions that would have led to his financial loss by fraudulent means.

No further intimation will be sent prior to the commencement of the actions stated above.

This message is copied to the relevant authorities, both legal and judicial.

Can anyone explain what is going on?

Gone are the days when one could hawk anything and cheat all and sundry on the internet. It is most important to check sites which you intend to recommend.

My only wish is that none of the people involved are actually Stephanians, although that may be hoping to much as to send an email to the southern-stephanian-society, one obviously has to be a Stephanian.

Take care folks!

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