Tuesday, February 09, 2010

KTWV 11 Issue 09: Holy Spot missing

Those of you who remember our Holi celebrations will remember the muddy pond we used to create just outside the dining hall. It was a terrible state and we all revelved in it like 5 years´olds, dumping all our friends and enemies in that muck.

This last visit I made to college I noted that a barbed wire fence has been put up by the tap, so it would be too dangerous to follow this sport today.

Another change in our customs, but probably a welcome one, as not many liked being dunked in that foul water and muck!

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Sherry Mathews said...

It may be noted sir that we still do follow this tradition:)
We now dig the pit in the JCR lawns during Holi.

Sherry Mathews
B.A History '12