Sunday, September 05, 2010

KTWV 11 Issue 25: Absconding?

Many readers have accused me of absconding.

They are true in one sense that I have not devoted as much time as I usually do to keeping the Kooler Talk blog going as it should.

Reason: Although retired, my hobby has become a national business and I am commuting 1200 km return on the same day once a week almost every week.

My wife calls me crazy, and she is right!

After the last trip i have now stationed a car in Helsinki so I can visit all my apartments when I get there.

Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa are triple linked counties and it covers a huge territory. My apartments are in all three counties.

Also, my mind is not as active as regards our alma mater as it should be. News from the capital has not been flowing as freely as it could or should.

However, with the catastrophic Commonwealth Games just less than a month away, I am sure I will have plenty of gup-shups and PJs to share with you as my correspondents from our capital keep me abreast of the mayhem and chaos which is expected during the two weeks of the events.

Let us hope and pray that no major calamities occur. Having seen what we did last November/December, there are going to be thousands of hiccups.

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