Wednesday, February 29, 2012

KTWV Volume 13 Issue 12: Not again!

When is our college going to be free of being treated so shabbily iny the mainstream media.

Today, I was woken up by the drama that is playing out about a sexual harrassment case lodged by a lady employee in the college against her boss.

I am not interested in hearing the merits or demerits of this case.

What I am concerned with is purely the fact this case shows up our alma mater in a negative light.

Any competent leader would have resolved this issue before it went to even Stage 1, the complaint being filed with Delhi University.

When are we all going to understand we have incompetence at the top in our alma mater!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Mathan,

I know the case you are talking about and as an ex student of the college (History, Class of 2009) I have been irritated too at times that the college is often seen as a 'fishbowl' ( I quote one of my lecturers). But cases such as these need to be brought to the media spotlight, not because its the college, but because these are issues of women's rights. If changes cannot be made in the top institutions and women do not feel secure in these institutions, then the matter must be brought to public scrutiny. The media must know. The college in this case is a platform for these issues to be discussed. Some matters (and do forgive my arrogance) are above the college but is located within it, gain the importance they deserve. Nowadays, I feel that the college also has a role in representing itself as a transperant, equal institution. If this role is hampered in any way, public scrutiny, will bring it back on track.