Thursday, February 16, 2012

KTWV Volume 13 Issue 7: Special dinners

After writing about the Mess I thought I should write a few words about the festival special dinners we used to be served up in the dining room.

The problem is that when I searched my brain, I could only remember the scantiest of details.

I do not remember all the exact occasions but it used to be about 4 or 5 times a year.

Founders Day, was definitely one occasion.

We used to get pullav rice with peas, raita, a tasty meat curry (not the fluidy daily serving), phulka rotis and some sweet to follow. The onions and chillis were in plenty on every table.

Little Santu used to bring the piping hot rotis as fast as we consumed our quota.

My memory is so bad these days I find it difficult to remember all these details.

If anybody can fill me in on the past as well as the present custom of special dinners - I, and many of my dementia ridden old folk Stephanian readers, would be greatly obliged.

Sufficient to say that we looked forward to these rare occasions.

I also seem to remember that once a month we also had a special dinner -on a Wednesday?

One more thing, again as my memory fails me - was Grace said every evening or only when we had the special dinners? We always had at least one staff member at the Head Table every evening.

Mr Summerscale, (honestly- 5 minutes before writing this piece his name was a blank in my mind) the tutor of Mukerji Court, Rajiv Bhatia, Balbir Singh (tutor in Rudra South) were regulars at dinners. I do not remember Rev. Jarvis there on many occasions. But Mr Pearson was quite regular in our second and third years. Rev. Luck, the Canadian who replaced Rev. Jarvis hardly ever attended dinner.

Princi Sircar occasionally dropped in, not to partake of the meal but to stop and chat with a few of those present. He used to invite some of us over to his place to share an evening cup of coffee. That way his pulse was always on what was happening amongst the students.

I am glad I wrote this piece as for two days I was struggling to remember the name of my Mukerji Court tutor - Mr. Summerscale!


Arup Dasgupta said...

Wasn't Balbir Singh with Rudra North? I remember him being there during my last year, 1964-65. Before that it was Doc Ghosh.

I do not remember the Bada Khanas but I remember one Christmas when I stayed back in the hostel. Bose saab was at the Head Table for dinner and he ended Grace with "...and for those unfortunates that linger here, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

Rauha (Peace) said...

I stand confused as to which is Rudra North and South. If I remember, Benjy, who died while a few years after I left College was the tutor in one Rudra Block and Balbir was in another.

That Grace by Bose Saab is one of the ones greatly talked about. Which year was that in?

Arup Dasgupta said...

The Christmas of 1964. I was in my Final year of Physics Hons and was swotting away to glory for the final exams in April 1965. No Christmas Hols for me that year. 8-( Did scrape through a decent first.