Monday, April 12, 2004

KTWV05 - Issue 4: Response to the blog

I am glad to say that the response to the Stephanian blog has been very positive. The first person to write in was Akash, my regular correspondent from our Singapore Stephanian group. Then, Rajnish weighed in. This was followed by the steady stream of congratulatory messages.

To get to the regular blogging habit, it is best to subscribe to them. It does not cost any money. Use blogging subscription lists so you do not even need to have a traditional web browser. The iBlog software I use permits me to subscribe to various blogs in the Reader Mode, such as Apple, News summaries, etc, and this makes my communicating experience a little more specific than just web surfing.

My decision to blog was vindicated by the fact that out of the 1435 Stephanians that I sent out the message to, there were 97 returns of persons whose email addresses had changed and not informed me of the same. It sort of clogs up my Inbox to get so many returns after a posting.

I had an interesting discourse with one person to whom I sent out the information about the blog. He wrote back asking, quite rudely, to be taken off the mailing list as he was not a Stephanian and that he came from a much better college.

I checked and found that he was not on my list, but his wife, who was a Staphanian, had asked me to mail her at that address. It is possible that they are no more together and this may have been a sort of deep seated feeling of resentment on the person's chest. I informed him the cause for the posting to him and told him that he was now off my mailing list. I then asked him, very politely, to let me know which was the "much better college" than our Stephania.

He did not answer me on his wife's subscription to our email list or even apologise for his outburst, but his short answer was "presiency" in Calcutta.

I commented in my reply that I knew very well "presiency" :-) and told him that I had several friends from Presidency College in Calcutta who are on my email lists for another group that I run.

Well, I guess that sort of shut him up.

I think I was quite relieved to know that we hail from a far superior college than "presiency" and from one where the students know about polite conversation.

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Anonymous said...

quite interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.