Tuesday, April 27, 2004

KTWV05 - Issue 8: Some Stephanian Family Members

When Peter (Tubby) and I were Stephanian's, we were closely followed by Mammen and then his brother, Philip Mathew. After a long gap, several third generation family members became Stephanians and there have been marriages to Stephanians.

I try to highlight some of my Stephanian family members here.

I would like to wish Divya (daughter of Stephanian Peter Philip, also known in college days as Tubby), on her birthday, today.

Tomorrow is the birthday of Stephanian Adit (nephew of Stephanian Mammen - 1964 and Philip Mathew (??)). Best wishes Adit.

From what I understand, Adit is one of the growing band of Stephanians in the Kandathil branch of my family. Besides me (1963, B. Sc. , the ones I have listed so far are Ranjit Matthan (1960, did not complete his degree), Peter (1962 BA, Economics), Mammen (1964, BA), Ramu Katakam (1964- married my niece, Roshin), Philip (??), Amit (??), Riyad (??), Anu (??), Adit (??), Rohan (??), Harsha (??), Samir (??) and Rahul (??).

Second cousin, Ranjit Jacob (1962), now retired in Chennai, is also a Stephanian. Ranjit qualified as a lawyer and worked with the SPIC group of companies in Madras till recently. He lives in Adyar. Ranjit was two years senior to me but had a terrible accident when he was going home for the annual holidays when he fell off the train at Jamuna bridge. He recovered and returned after a year off from college. Ranjit's brother, John and I have been corresponding for several years. John lives in Denver, Colarado but is presently in the UK.

How is Stephanian Ranjit related to me?

Varughese Mapillai, the founder of Malayala Manorama, had two children, a boy and a girl. The boy was Ranjit's and John's grandfather, K.V. Eapen. The girl apparently died young. K. V. Eapen also died in his thirties. He had four children, two boys and two girls. Ranjit and John are the sons of the elder daughter, who was called Omana. Their father worked with the forest service in Assam and retired to Madras. John was born pretty late in his father's life. He spent most of his early years in Madras (between 1963 and 1979). They lived in Gandhinagar, Adyar where Ranjit still lives. Ranjit spent his early years in Assam.

Ranjit is extremely talented as a musician and used to play the guitar in college. He was extremely popular with all groups because of his friendly and always smiling attitude to life. I did not know he was my second cousin while we were in college and only worked it out after corresponding with John, when quite to my surprise I discovered he was Ranjit's younger brother!!

The person who took over Malayala Manorama on the demise of Varughese Mappilai was my grandfather, K. C. Mammen Mappillai from where streams a long line of Stephanians.

I believe there is soon going to be a marriage of Kandathil to a Stephanian colleague of mine very shortly. The daughter of my cousin Jacob (brother of Stephanians Mammen and Philip Mathew) , Malini. will be marrying the son of George Verghese. Georgie was in college at the same time as me and also in the same class (1963).

Maybe someone could fill me in on the years and degrees earned by each of the Kandathil Stephanians, as well as the current email addresses.

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Naveen Madhavan said...

Hi Jacob

I was a friend of your second cousin 'Ranjit Jacob' who worked as a lawyer at SPIC in Madras.

Would you have any contact details for Ranjit so that we (myself in Wales and another friend from Sweden) can get back in touch with him?

Thanks for your help.

My email is naveen_nerys@hotmail.com.

Best regards

Naveen Madhavan