Sunday, April 25, 2004

KTWV05 - Issue 7: Stephanian Directory Project

A few seem to be clamouring to get their names into the Stephanian Directory.

A laudable objective, but for what purpose?

As alumni lists, we have several online, including "the official" one on the Stephanian website and the master one at the world alumni project website. Group lists as New York, Singapore, Bangalore, Mumbai, and of course, Finland, with two very active members, Ajeet and myself, exist.

Many Stephanians on my comprehensive Kooler talk (Web Version) mailing list, probably the most comprehensive of all, do not want their email addresses or their mailing addresses published for various reasons.

So I doubt whether the Directory Project will be successful.

The objective of publishing this Directory appears to be to raise some money for the College just as the release of the "short-lived" MINCE. I have yet to receive the copy which was supposed to contain the article requested off me and submitted.

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