Wednesday, February 08, 2006

KTWV 07 Issue 05: Our Oldest Stephanian online?

I had a pleasant email exchange with B. G. Verghese, known to most as BGV, probably the oldest Stephanian online.

He was in the college in the late 40s and early 50s, and his wonderful wife, Jamila, was also one of the earliest lady Stephanians of the early 50s.

BGV's writings, which graced the pages of many Indian newspapers, and his service to the nation as Press Secretary to an Indian Prime Minister, have been a beacon in my life.

An intriguing fact about this photograph is that in the preview in my picture folder, I can also see the absolutely beautiful Jamila standing beside BGV with a lovely red rose tucked behind her ear. But the picture, as I see it in all the image display programmes and as uploaded, is only of BGV.

Can any computer savvy Stephanian solve this problem so that I can upload the entire picture as seen in the Preview?

BGV told me in our correspondence that the 125th Anniversary Celebrations of our college concluded on February 1st, and a volume of 24 essays by alumini that he edited, entitled "Tomorrow's India: Another Trust with Destiny" was released on the occasion. He mentioned that many of my contemporaries were probably the authors included in the book.

Could I humbly request someone in Delhi to send me a copy for my archives - all costs will be met by me!

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