Wednesday, February 08, 2006

KTWV 07 Issue 06: Problem solved

In my last post I posed a problem about the photograph about our oldest online Stephanian, B. G. Verghese, and his charming and beautiful wife, Jamila.

As I sat here in the cellar, with the -20 C outside, racking my brains, the beauty of the Apple Mac Grab application suddenly flashed through my mind.

Presto, I was able to get the complete picture, in all its beauty, just from the Preview, and I am able to present to our great audience the wonderful Stephanian couple, George and Jamila.

B. G. Verghese and Jamila Verghese

Photo is copyright BGV & Jamila,
till I am advised otherwise, and it is duly acknowledged

Here are the real toast of our college - BGV and Jamila Verghese!

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