Thursday, February 09, 2006

KTWV 07 Issue 07: Great site of Stephanian Photographs

Just discovered a great site with lots and lots of pictures from Stephania.

I wish someone would explain the purpose of the site to an old timer, as it is obviously meant to be a site for Stephanians. Do I, as a 63er qualify?

The great pictures are located at a site called but I wish someone would take the time to caption the photographs.

After all these years, much has changed. Although I can recall many of the places, such as scenes from the dining room, there are many places that are unrecognisable.

This is not meant as a criticism, but only to help us old foggies like me who have not visited the college for probably the last 30 years to get our bearings. For instance, in our time,there were two places where we could play table tennis - in the JCR and in a shed at the gate of Rudra Block. From the shot on the site, where the present table is is quite a mystery!

I copied one picture and have been trying to work out exactly where everything is.

SSC Site Plan

I then realised that this is an old drawing. I would be very glad to know which year this Site Plan was made. It was obviously prepared a few years after I left in 1963 but it is before the second half of the Mukerji Block was built. The plan shows that it was under consideration.

Thanks for all the great photographs.

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